Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Morning sickness is such a common condition during pregnancy that most women are not surprised when they experience the nausea and vomiting in the first trimester. But not all women will suffer from this condition during these early stages of their pregnancy. Those that do get it usually try to find some sort of remedy to make their lives more comfortable during this time.

The world has never been smaller, travel has never been easier, and Shetland, the true home of fishing and adventure beckons to you. So what are you waiting for?

There are many things you can do to cure sea sickness if it occurs. Ask any bar tender on board, they all have their favorite cures. Eating ginger will help. You can ask for ginger. There are also ginger pills you can take. There are elastic bands that cure pro bass fishing. They gently press a plastic dome into your wrist. It is an acupressure cure and it works well with some people. These “Sea Bands” are available in the ship gift shop and at drugs stores in most areas. There are over the counter remedies that work well such as Bonine or Dramamine.

Use the bait according to the type of fish you are fishing for. This is because fish respond differently to different types of baits. Keeping this in mind is sure to increase your deep sea fishing potential considerably.

Remember that cruise ships can be extremely crowded sometimes. Have designated times and locations where you and your group will meet-up later in the event that you get separated. Avoid areas that can become overcrowded easily, like elevators. Some cruise lines will have elevators that you can use to get from one level of the ship to another, but these are often so over-used that they take forever and should be saved for the older passengers.

If I ever get a job on land, and it may happen one day, one thing I know for sure! I won’t work in an office. I’ll just find it too boring after my present experience on board! I love being on the move and I love exploring the world. Maybe this feeling is going to last for ever, who knows? I’ve known people who are in their sixties and still work on board. You may say that it is not that easy for a woman. I agree that if someone wants to have a family can’t go on working on a ship. Kids need a permanent home and their mum has to be around to care for them. That’s the only reason that can make me quit this job. But no one knows what the future holds!


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