Everglades Fly

The wooden pole skiff was at most sixteen feet. It was constructed out of white cedar and cypress some sixty years ago. Layers of paint and many seasons of fly fishing had blessed this old skiff. Its exterior looked like the Gumbo Limbo tree’s bark. Inside on the floor there was mangrove leaves lying all over the deck. Yellow, red, and green. The tannin from these decaying leaves left the floor the color of “sweet tea brown.” The casting platform was worn through down to the raw cypress. The bulkhead that the guide stood on was worn as well, it was as shiny as the wooden push pole he used to navigate the maze of mangrove Forest. Continue reading “Everglades Fly”


Other Types of Fish You May Encounter Aboard Fishing Charters in Ketchikan Alaska

When reading or watching shows about fishing in Alaska, you always hear about Salmon and Halibut as if they’re the only 2 types of fish found in the expansive waters around Ketchikan.

It’s understandable – Salmon is an especially popular delicacy enjoyed by millions throughout the world for its taste, tender meat and dense nutrients. Indigenous cultures across Alaska have relied on the various types of Salmon for thousands of years to provide sustenance during often brutal winters.

However, Salmon and Halibut certainly are not the only types of fish found in the coastal waters around Ketchikan. While fishing charters here and around Alaska may focus on Salmon and Halibut, there are many other species you may encounter during your time on the water. Continue reading “Other Types of Fish You May Encounter Aboard Fishing Charters in Ketchikan Alaska”