Summer Offshore Fishing

Summer time is a special time in southwest Florida when to go offshore fishing . There’s not as much traffic on the water and the tranquil weather patterns make for great fishing expeditions offshore. Long hot days and cooling rains in the afternoon are typical in this subtropic paradise. Sarasota offers some of the best bottom fishing found along southwest Florida coast.

A offshore fishing trip is a great way to enjoy the aqua blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Teaming with all sorts of wildlife besides fish such as sea turtles,dolphins, and magnificent frigate birds. No matter your skill set there’s a challenge for you waiting offshore. Trolling for King fish or bottom fishing for groupers. The coast actually runs northeast to southwest in Sarasota . This coast line is recognized by its white sands that glow. The sea floor is composed of healthy marine life and established reef ecosystem’s. This makes offshore fishing great.

Under nine miles is considered a half day trip consisting usually of four hours. For a longer day which is possible such as a seven hour trip you could venture off fifteen to twenty miles in your quest for the bountiful treasures of southwest Florida .

With dozens of species to harvest for food offshore fishing is a great choice for “cooking your catch”. There’s exciting sport fishing options as well if table fair isn’t in your plans. Groupers red and gag make great table fair. Snappers and other reef fish species are found as well when fishing for your dinner. As for sport fishing there’s the King fish which is also a great tasting fish. Permit, amber jacks,and sharks are all real fun to catch and defiantly can put up a great fight.

The easiness of choosing a guided charter is by far the best choice when enjoy the spoils of offshore fishing. Quite simply you don’t have to worry about fishing spots, licenses ,tackle, and boat up keep. Relaxing in the back of the boat heading offshore with no worries. Captain and crew taking care of all the catch and busy work. Nothing to do, but fish and enjoy your self.

Fishing offshore usually begins with a early morning start the hardest part is showing up. The captain and mate will have all the ice and tackle you will need and the experience and know how to make your trip pleasurable. The run to the fishing grounds is beautiful with the pink and purple back drop in the easterly sky. The gulf alive with sea birds and rafts of bait on the surface of the blue green gulf waters.

Anchoring up on a great spot and within no time the” rods start bending over” lots of action is typical with offshore fishing. From giant Amber jacks that pull and run like a train to the very soft bite of the Hogfish you never no what your gonna catch while fishing offshore. The variety of fish is endless to catch as the bait that’s used to capture theses tasty fish. Live bait such as shrimp,sardines and pinfish make great choices for live bait. Fresh frozen dead bait is a great choice as well if live bait is not a option. A good example of these baits would be squid,mullet,and Spanish sardines. All the seasons in southwest Florida are great to fish offshore not just summer time. Winter time brings in the Red grouper and snappers. Fall is full of Kingfish and Spanish Mackerel,and tuna. The spring is cobia,sheepshead and triple tail.


Get a charter:
Offshore fishing is a great relaxing way to enjoy some action packed fishing. It’s extremely easy and not intimidating at all. No matter your skill set every one can enjoy offshore fishing and catch fish. Climb aboard the vessel of your choice. With iced down drinks and fresh cold cut fruit. Sit back in the cockpit of the boat and relax as you cruise out to the fishing grounds. Sea breeze and plenty of sunshine with views of the white sand beach’s of Sarasota . Your embarking on a awesome day of offshore fishing.


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