Delicious Ketchikan Halibut

Why do tourists visit Ketchikan, Alaska? Some may argue that it’s the vistas, or because of its backyard playground, the wildlife, the rich culture, or even the…! No it’s definitely not because of the weather. Ketchikan is one of the wettest places in the country averaging 153 inches per year, but I’ll let you in on a little secret as to why people DO come to Ketchikan; it’s because of the FISHING!

There is good reason that Ketchikan is dubbed the Fishing Capital of the World, not only for the plentiful salmon, but for the industry that revolves around it. But you cannot come to Ketchikan and not think about the almighty halibut! Continue reading “Delicious Ketchikan Halibut”


North Carolina Sportfishing

North Carolina is well known for many features and attractions, but if you enjoy breathing in that salt air like I do, then the Outer Banks is the place to be. North Carolina’s Outer Banks is 200 mile long barrier island that separates North Carolina’s mainland from the Atlantic Ocean. Known for expansive beach front property and excellent fishing grounds, the Outer Banks plays a very important role when it comes to protecting the mainland from the highly debilitating storms that plunder the east coast of the United States. Continue reading “North Carolina Sportfishing”