Big Game Fishing

When it comes to catching “big fish” I think everyone has their own thoughts on what these should be. Anything from sharks to marlin my come to mind, but regardless- big game species can be found globally in nearly every body of water. In Florida for instance you can get monstrous Goliath Grouper anywhere from local passes to offshore fishing areas.


In Topsail Beach, NC you can find huge Kingfish and big Bluefish in just 50 foot of water. While going further out for Mahi can be on the agenda, as well as trips out into the “blue water” where you can find many species of billfish. Another consideration is going after Tuna. Tuna are aggressive fighters that can reach insane weights.

To find a local guide you can venture into well known fishing directories. From here you can lock down someone who specializes in your exact big game bucket list fish, or just take you out for an adventurous day on the water.


I think one of the most important factors to big game fishing regardless of where you do it, is to consider doing your part to keep the fishery sustainable. Trophy big game fishing is not supported by this site or most responsible anglers. Meat fishing is fine, but keep “your share” respectable. I’d like to say my kids had the same opportunities to fight big fish just like you – but that will not happen by itself.

So, in the end, no matter where you are, there is a big game fish waiting just for you. Find the right Captain, be a responsible angler, and think about impacts as you make your way towards your next big game species.


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