Florida Tarpon Fishing

Florida is known as the fishing capital of the world, this is in part due to the excellent year round fishing the state has due to its climate & ecology. If you’re into Tarpon, then Florida is the best place in the US to target them. Florida has both resident Tarpon that spend their lives in the many estuaries located along the states coasts – but there is also an annual Tarpon migration that takes the state by storm every year (twice).

Places like Boca Grande are known for Tarpon fishing specifically. Boca Grande is considered the tarpon capital of the world because more tarpon are landed here than any where else on the planet. Nearby fisheries also reap this benefit, such as Tampa Tarpon fishing.

What’s cool about Tampa is that it has an excellent fishery for all of the other famous inshore species Florida is known for, including resident Tarpon. For Tampa fishing guides targeting Tarpon, this opens the opportunity to guide people not only into the large migration every year, but to also fish for the more elusive resident Tarpon as well.


But even on the exact opposite coast, you still find an excellent Tarpon fishery. Again resident fish are to be found, but with the addition of a huge yearly mullet run, Tarpon are sure to be chasing the tails of these massive bait pods. For instance Palm Beach tarpon fishing is some of the best on the East coast. This also includes most places along that coast, even down into Biscayne Bay.

But by far my favorite place to fish for Tarpon is the fishery located in the Everglades National Park. In “the park” you can find Tarpon on the ocean side of the Flamingo ramp, as well as all the way up into the backcountry areas. These resident Tarpon can be monstrous, while juvenile Tarpon are also abundant.

So, when you add all of this up, Florida is the worlds leader in Tarpon fishing.


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