One Man Fishing Boat

At one point in time finding a one man fishing boat started out with looking at the same series of what was called “pond boats” over and over again. Even though kayaks and canoes can be considered one man boats, we are concentrating on boats that are “motor ready” from the factory in this article. So, moving on from old school “pond boats”, it is now 2017 and a whole plethora of options now exist. 

So, what do we got for one man boats? Fast answer – LOTS! We have seen a few things such as the addition of factory electric power on some fishing kayak platforms, but we have also seen an influx of true one man built boats such as the Beavertail Ambush (no longer available) and the Solo Skiff. These are designed to compete with kayaks, but with a cool little microskiff vibe to them. Mostly flats fisherman have been drawn to these platforms.

Just over the past two days, two well known Standup paddleboard companies have released motorized versions of boards. First we had Live Watersports with a transom add-on that fits a small tiller motor between the rear “pontoons”. Then just yesterday, Bote Boards did a quick video release of the soon to be available Bote Rover (another tiller driven option).

When you look back at the older “pond boat” style offerings, these were generally rotomolded plastic (HDPE like kayaks) and come in various shapes. Some square, some more traditionally shaped, etc.,. And even the Soloskiff which was originally released as a fiberglass boat is now offered in a rotomolded version as well.

However, over the past couple years a new rotomolded one man boat has become available that has taken to a much more traditional design – I mean much further back than the skiff hull. Modeled after the “Coracle” the Roundabout Watercrafts RWC and Woodsman series of boats have brought in a true one man platform that offers 360 degrees of fishability, full power options (electric and gas), more storage, and even a below the deck livewell is possible on these boats. See the video below:

Since its release, Roundabout has developed many accessories for these boats, and one in particular is actually a 2 seat conversion kit. Making this the only one man platform that you can transform to bring your buddy, partner, or kids along when that is desired to do so.

In the end, the one man boat market continues to thrive. Your options for one man platforms are becoming nearly endless, and we are sure many more are to come.


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